Oversized Garage Pads Placed and Finished By Superior Team Oversized Garage Pads Placed and Finished By Superior Team Advanced Formwork Built with Precision Groundwork and Rebar Meticulously Constructed

Garage Pads Built Better

Edmonton area garage pad construction and is our bread and butter business. We have them down to a science! Site excavation is done as necessary then we build the base back up from the road crush. We use a heavy vibrating plate tamper with water on the road crush to maximize compaction of the base of your concrete pad. We take the base preparation very seriously so your concrete pad will be more resistant to cracking in the tough Alberta environment.

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To deliver the highest quality concrete products at reasonable prices to the residents of Edmonton and area.
We believe that by constructing our products with integrity and treating our clients with respect that we will be in turn rewarded with a fun and worthwhile career.
We will build our products with the best materials and techniques available and back up our contracts with a warranty that protects our customers from future problems.
Garage Pad Edmonton

Attention To Detail

Every garage pad we do in Edmonton also has a reinforced perimeter with a size and amount of rebar reflecting the weight of the structure it supports. We tie in the rebar (reinforcement bar) at maximum 16 inches apart – usually expressed as 10mm @16 o.c. Next Level Concrete uses at least 32 MPA high quality air entrained concrete and pours to a garage pad minimum thickness of 4.5 inches. Larger slabs over 728 square feet that we construct around Edmonton require stronger construction than outlined above. All our concrete garage pads meet or exceed the specifications laid out in the municipality regulations (see links below). If you have a large pad that needs an engineered drawing to get your permit in the Edmonton we will assist you in getting that done quickly and at a reasonable price with our engineer. Our professional team of senior concrete finishers, with 20 plus years of experience, ensures the surface is flat and the finish is right for you.

Edmonton Garage Pads With Higher Construction Standards

Chaired Rebar

Rebar Closely Spaced and Properly Positioned

It is not a matter of debate for us when it comes to Edmonton Garage Pads we always use specialized concrete chairs (the black units below) that keep the rebar suspended to mid height of the slab thickness. If the rebar is simply lifted as the Concrete Finisher makes his way backwards it is probable the heavy weight of the rebar grid will cause it to sink to the bottom where it loses it ability to strengthen the slab. It is obvious once our Concrete Finisher below lifts his foot the rebar will spring back to a height of 2 inches above the tamped road crush and provide maximum strength. It is awkward to work on however the payoff is huge for our clients!

Duramix Concrete Garage Pads

DURA-MIX® is a quality standard designed to ensure the concrete you order in Alberta meets all requirements of the National Building Code Standards. The idea for this standard was a result of a group of ARMCA members desire to eliminate quality issue that related to inconsistency in concrete composition for the Alberta climate.

– From the Alberta Ready Mixed Association Website

Edmonton Duramix Concrete
Prep Construction Site

Proper Groundwork Preparation

In Edmonton garage pads need very solid groundwork so they don’t suffer unsightly cracking due to ground movement in the freeze/thaw cycles. We use very heavy mechanical plate tampers to compact the subgrade and all granular material we put on top of it. Before we pour we wet the ground and the rebar to further increase the quality of the final job. Persistence and hard work pays off for this under rated element of concrete construction.

Green Or Polished Finish

Next Level Concrete has provides varying concrete finishes for garage pads and shop floors. 90% of our customers request a green finish to their garage pad to avoid a slippery surface when dirty or wet but some prefer a highly polished floor as shown below. There is a difference in price for power troweled machine polish finish vs ‘hand-wiped’ trowel green finish standard in most garages.

Polished Garage Pad Edmonton
Edmonton Garage Pad with Curb

Garage Pad with Curb

Most garage pads we build have a 6 inch by 6 inch curb the building sits on. The great thing about curbs is the floor is sloped an inch or so every 8 feet so the water runs out towards the garage door. Often we build oversized garage pads with no curb but rather a 12 inch by 12 inch thickened perimeter with three rows of 15 mm rebar running through it. In all cases the top of concrete will be 6 inches above local grade.

Concrete Breakout and Removal

Concrete Driveway Breakout and Removal is one of the main areas of our business. We can breakout and remove and old garage pads or driveways that you may need gone.

Concrete Breakout Removal Edmonton

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I can confirm Next Level Concrete built a 22 foot by 24 foot garage pad for me in Edmonton and did a superb job.
Chris W, Edmonton
Next Level Concrete made the daunting task of constructing a garage pad for us easy and straight forward. Trevor gave us a few options for design and we picked one and Voila it got built in time and on budget. Bravo!
Tracy M, Edmonton
We were very happy with everything. What was written in the contract was done. Good job.
Jason L, Edmonton
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