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Exposed Aggregate Concrete in Edmonton

Next Level Concrete designs and constructs exposed aggregate driveways, patios and sidewalks in the Edmonton area. We take care of the breakout and removal of old concrete driveways and patios and even old wood decks. The groundwork is done by excavating, if necessary, to the clay base and replacing sod/soil with road crush tamped with a vibrating plate tamper. Our skilled professionals crib forms with curves if wanted and then tie in 10 mm rebar at 16″ o.c. We pour 32 MPA high quality concrete at 4.5 inches thick in Edmonton area. Our team is highly skilled in applying high gloss sealant so the concrete will really POP.

A Solid Company

To deliver the highest quality concrete products at reasonable prices to the residents of Edmonton and area.
We believe that by constructing our products with integrity and treating our clients with respect that we will be in turn rewarded with a fun and worthwhile career.
We will build our products with the best materials and techniques available and back up our contracts with a warranty that protects our customers from future problems.

Edmonton Exposed Aggregate Concrete With Higher Construction Standards

Chaired Concrete

Rebar Closely Spaced and Properly Positioned

It is not a matter of debate for us when it comes to Edmonton exposed aggregate concrete we always use specialized concrete chairs (the black units below) that keep the rebar suspended to mid height of the slab thickness. If the rebar is simply lifted as the Concrete Finisher makes his way backwards it is probable the heavy weight of the rebar grid will cause it to sink to the bottom where it loses it ability to strengthen the patio. It is obvious once our Concrete Finisher below lifts his foot the rebar will spring back to a height of 2 inches above the tamped road crush and provide maximum strength. It is awkward to work on however the payoff is huge for our clients!

Duramix Exposed Aggregate Concrete Projects

DURA-MIX® is a quality standard designed to ensure the concrete you order in Alberta meets all requirements of the National Building Code Standards. The idea for this standard was a result of a group of ARMCA members desire to eliminate quality issue that related to inconsistency in concrete composition for the Alberta climate.

– From the Alberta Ready Mixed Association Website

Duramix Concrete
Prep Site

Proper Groundwork Preparation

In Edmonton exposed aggregate concrete needs very solid groundwork so they don’t suffer unsightly cracking due to ground movement in the freeze/thaw cycles. We use very heavy mechanical plate tampers to compact the subgrade and all granular material we put on top of it. Before we pour we wet the ground and the rebar to further increase the quality of the final job. Persistence and hard work pays off for this under rated element of stamped concrete construction.

Concrete Sawcuts

Concrete sawcuts are supplied for all exposed aggregate concrete projects we do with spacing typically no more than 10 feet in any direction. For broom finish jobs we also offer sawcuts but we often do ‘tool cuts’.

Concrete Sawcutting Edmonton
Edmonton Driveway Sealing

Sealing Your Exposed Aggregate

It is very important to seal exposed, stamped and broom finish concrete in Edmonton. Grime, weather, water, stains and abrasive damage can be eliminated by coating your patio with a good sealer every three years or so. Your exposed aggregate concrete’s life will be extended and it will continue looking good for a long time. Next Level Concrete offers washing, sealing and maintenance of exposed aggregate concrete finished projects.

Concrete Breakout and Removal

Concrete Breakout and Removal is one of the main areas of our business. We use a skidsteer for the large areas and we jackhammer out smaller areas like sidewalks that we can not reach with the machine.

Concrete Breakout Removal Edmonton

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